Mick Jagger visited a bar—and no one knew who he was


Mick Jagger visited a bar—and no one knew who he was

Legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger made a pit stop into a dive bar—but not one person seemed to recognise him.

Jagger stopped by the Thirsty Beaver Saloon, Charlotte, North Carolina for a quick drink. Even though he is a world-renowned painter, Jagger managed to remain under the radar for staff and other patrons.

Conversation with CNN the bar’s co-owner Brian Wilson said that he didn’t arrive at the bar until Jagger had already left.

“Nobody really mentioned that anybody famous had been here – so, don’t think they noticed. But this morning, my phone did!”Wilson stated this to the outlet.

He’s really not in the wrong because Jagger shared a picture of himself at the bar drinking a beer with the caption: “Out and about last night in Charlotte, NC.”

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One Twitter user wrote: “How weird to have a picture of Mick Jagger, and NO ONE is looking at @MickJagger. Not one side glance, no over-the-shoulder spying, no sneaking phone pictures, no peeking through windows. So weird to experience Mick Jagger in obscurity.”

Someone else believed the photo was the right picture for an album as well and wrote, “I get a beer, it looks like a guy getting a beer.

“Mick Jagger gets a beer; it looks like a classic rock album cover.”

See other responses below.

Wilson said that Jagger and some other patrons were able to get tickets to the Rolling Stones concert through Wilson.

Wilson claims that tickets were available for Rolling Stones concerts for some of Wilson’s other customers.

“Upwards of $400 to go to the show and get as close as they could to Mick. And if they had only turned around, they’d have been as close as they’re ever going to get,”Wilson said.

Jagger is currently in the midst of the No Filter tour with the rest of the Stones bandmates, their first since drummer Charlie Watts died in August.


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