Meghan Markle’s Fashion Choice For Her Latest Public Appearance Is Raising Eyebrows


Meghan Markle's Fashion Choice For Her Latest Public Appearance Is Raising Eyebrows

While Meghan Markle certainly looked sleek in her black, wide-legged pants and wool coat, a lot of people could not help but wonder if she had not checked the weather report before leaving sunny California for New York City. While the temperature in the Big Apple can vary during any given season, the weather report says it was 80 degrees when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited One World Trade Center with New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio and his family, as detailed by “Good Morning America.”

Meghan’s critics, and detractors, quickly weighed in on Meghan’s attire for the occasion. As Prince Harry and Meghan are visiting New York City, they will be attending the Global Citizen Live in Central Park. Some comments from the Daily Mail included, “Does she never learn how to wear clothes that suit the occasion and weather?” along with, “It’s a hot and humid day in New York and she is wearing a high collar and coat.”

Needless to say, Meghan has not made any comments about the criticism she has received about her choice of coat, but seeing how she often gets a cold reception from the press and the tabloid media, perhaps she just wanted to be prepared this time around.


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