McDonald’s worker ‘poured sweet and sour sauce into customer’s drink’ in viral TikTok


McDonald’s worker ‘poured sweet and sour sauce into customer’s drink’ in viral TikTok

You should never be rude to anyone, but there’s a reason people say you especially shouldn’t mess with anyone who handles your food.

One TikToker received 62.7 million views and more than 7 million likes after he posted a video of himself apparently pouring sweet and sour sauce – instead of caramel sauce – into a customer’s frappé, while working at McDonald’s.

According to reports, the viral video led to the employee being fired from the fast-food restaurant.

The worker can be seen spraying cream onto the drink before opening a container of sweet and sour sauce and pouring it over the top. The on-screen text reads: “When the customer has an attitude but you remember I only make 8.50 an hour” as a snippet of Lana Del Ray’s “Jealous Girl” plays.

The top comment with 830,000 likes reads: “Friendly reminder that fast food workers have feelings too.”

Not all of the comments were supportive, however, with one user saying: “8.50 is better than 0 if you get fired, grow up because you are gonna learn that you will have to deal with these people and now you are no better.”

Others highlighted that the customer could have had an allergic reaction to the unexpected garnish.

Two weeks later, the TikTok user uploaded another video where he can be seen standing outside McDonald’s.

The on-screen text reads “Ladies and gentlemen, you did it. You got me fired… bye McB*tches.” He then turns around and zooms into a neighbouring Dunkin’ Donuts and wrote “what’s next?” along with a smiling devil face.

One of the top comments reads: “You got yourself fired, don’t cry and blame it on us” along with laughing emojis.

Another person said: “Now you are making $0. Glad that 8.50 is going to go to someone that will value their job.”

The TikToker had uploaded several other work-related videos including screenshots of texts from his boss asking him to cover shifts, which he posted with the hashtags #funny and #annoying.

We doubt he’ll get a job preparing food again, but maybe he’d be better suited as a delivery driver for the fast food chain?

indy100 has contacted McDonald’s for comment.


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