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Songs from an essential source of entertainment that people enjoy very delightfully. Numerous pieces are available on the web that is offered by many sites. Masstamilan website is a site that has all kinds of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam songs. Unfortunately, the site is illegal and has all its contents in pirated forms.

All songs on the Masstamilan website are currently in different formats or resolutions. The user can choose these formats at their convenience. The quality of songs downloaded is very high in HD quality. People can enjoy listening to songs after downloading them from here. 


History of Masstamilan site 

Initially, these sites were devoted to movies rather than songs. All Tamil sites were stacked with Tamil films and so on. To provide all music lovers with their best and favorite songs, the Masstamilan site came into action. This site offered song downloading with ease. Masstamilan’s site uploads all pieces in their place within a few days of the theatrical release of movies. All parts are new and latest, which are featured on the website. Users can search for or choose their desired songs on the site and download them for free. 

How does it work? 

Masstamilan is an online pirated website that works similarly to other pirated websites. All contents are pirated and are not reliable. The site has all regional Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam songs. The search panel on the website enables its users to find their desired songs. The site is operated by many users who run it from undisclosed locations to prevent recognition. For one piece, several formats can be chosen by the user. Besides downloading songs of different categories, users can also download web series. All popular web series are incorporated into the site for free downloading. 

Is it safe to access the Masstamilan site? 

Masstamilan site is an illegal website that is not safe at all. All pirated websites are banned in our country due to legal issues. All contents on this site are in pirated forms and are not safe. Masstamilan site is illegally operating on the web, which is against the law. If anyone is caught downloading songs from this website, they could be held for punishment as per the requirements of the government. Hence, people should not use such sites as they are not safe and have potential threats to lead to adverse conditions. 

Is it legal to use the Masstamilan site? 

Since the Masstamilan site is an illegal website, downloading songs is also considered unlawful, and the government has banned such websites as per the anti-piracy law. Indulging in such locations is not regarded as safe and legal. People should maintain distance from such websites as they are against the law. These sites very adversely affect the Indian government’s anti-piracy law and are not reliable at all. 

Alternatives to the Masstamilan site

Specialties of Masstamilan website 

The users observe several specialties or features of the Masstamilan website while downloading songs and web series here. These features make this website more prevalent among people or users. Moreover, the site is designed to bring all favorite songs of all languages under a single roof. The specialties of this website are remarkable that are liked by every user. 

Following are the features or specialties of the Masstamilan website which make it more attractive and popular among music enthusiasts: 

  • The Masstamilan website is mobile-friendly and easy to use. No difficulty is faced by the user while operating it. 
  • Songs can be downloaded from the website for free by following simple steps. No extra expense is needed for downloading songs from here. 
  • There are several resolutions of songs from which users can choose their desired formats of song download. 
  • All south Indian language songs are available on this site, so users of different regions can explore their kinds of songs here, like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. 
  • Masstamilan’s website also has a search panel to search for their desired songs and download them later from the website. The songs are listed on the site in alphabetical order. 


As a respected firm in the country, we do not support these websites as they are banned. These websites are illegal also and not safe at all. For example, the Masstamilan website may provide all kinds of songs for download, but they are unsafe. 

The above-written content is just written to spread awareness among people about such types of torrent websites. We urge our readers not to indulge in such websites for any purpose. 

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