Mary Trump Reveals How Donald Trump Jr. Is The ‘Weakest’ Out Of The Trump Children


Mary Trump Reveals How Donald Trump Jr. Is The 'Weakest' Out Of The Trump Children

History apparently repeats itself within the Trump family. Mary Trump claims that the way Freddie Trump treated his sons mirrors Donald Trump’s treatment of his children. According to Raw Story, Donald Trump skipped over his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and elevated Ivanka Trump to play more of an integral role within the family business, just as Freddie Trump did to Fred Jr. and Donald. 

“Just in terms of the situation into which he was born, he shares that with my dad,” Mary spoke to John Aravosis, Cliff Schecter via Raw Story “You know, the oldest son of a ‘powerful person’ — well, I think Donald is the weakest person on the planet but he’s been propped up so much. So, clearly, though he certainly did not deserve it, he had a lot of influence, had a lot of money, which was my grandfather’s money, so I think Donnie was born with the same expectation that my father was born with, which was, you’re the oldest son,” Mary continued. “You carry the name … and you must follow in the footsteps and surpass what your father has accomplished, and you have to do it exactly according to his preferences.”

Mary went on to say, “Donnie is a deeply unintelligent person. I’ve been asked this — who’s the stupidest one and it’s him.” Perhaps not everything is what it seems within the Trump family, but this family feud isn’t dying down anytime soon.


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