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Man is facing the prospect of being evicted from his childhood home that he’s been living in for 66 years. It’s’messy.’

A man facing eviction from the home he called home for 66 years was told to vacate the premises or clean it up within 28 days.

Ken May, who has lived in Gateshead’s council house since 1955, could now be forced to move after a county judge hears allegations. “dangerous”Items and other clutter at the property

The 67 year-old is battling for his home’s state since last month. He claims that he has made improvements.

But Mr May said that his limited access to electricity has hindered his progress in making the necessary improvements.

Ken May
Pictured here in 1962 (bottom right), Mr May has lived in this property for over 60 years

Talk to ChronicleLiveMr May stated: “I have complied to the best of my ability with the promises I gave to this court.

“I have reduced to zero my arrears, I have cleared up the house – I have de-cluttered it. I have photographs of some of my items that I have thrown away and those that have been collected from the council.”

Mr May, who claims the eviction breaches his human rights, has also tidied the garden, including trimming his hedges and a neighbour’s hedges.

The court heard that Mr May uses car batteries to power his home, which are then charged by a petrol generator.

Housing worker stated that using the generator to charge batteries was dangerous. A court heard that Mr May had fuel in his house, which could result in an explosion. “explosion”.

During the cross-examination, solicitor Shada Mellor, representing Gateshead Council, told the court that the reason Mr May’s electricity had been disconnected was that the supplier found out he was by-passing the meter.

She also stated that Mr May did not allow staff to inspect his home.

But Mr May stated that the reason was because he wasn’t comfortable letting people into his home during the coronavirus epidemic.

District Judge Charnock–Neal made the possession order and stated: “Storing fuel including petrol and Calor gas could cause danger. He failed to keep his home neat, tidy and clean, evidenced from photos I have seen from 2018-2021.

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“He failed to dispose of rubbish left in his shed, lean to, and garden. In contrast to the claimant the defendant offered limited evidence.

“He refused to grant entry to the property because of his age. He didn’t provide any evidence of medical protection.”

Mr May now has 28 days to leave the property or provide evidence he has cleaned up to apply for the eviction proceedings to be halted.

Man is facing the prospect of being evicted from his childhood home that he's been living in for 66 years. It's'messy.'
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