Man confronted wife for buying him a Rolex with his money—and people think it’s a red flag


Man confronted wife for buying him a Rolex with his money—and people think it’s a red flag

A man confronted his wife for buying him a luxurious birthday present with his money – and the internet thinks it’s a red flag.

Reddit: The man in question spoke out about his birthday He and his wife are in a dilemma.

The story started with the idea of him reviewing his bank statements to discover that his wife had purchased birthday gifts for him with his money for the past two years. The first time he didn’t realise because the gift wasn’t too costly.

“We have a shared account to pay bills, but then we also have our individual credit/debit cards for personal expenses. She’s an authorized user on my credit card, but she’ll only use it if I ask her to buy something for me such as work clothes,”He wrote.

He stated that his wife bought him this Rolex watch, and that he loved it. “felt bad”And told her “she shouldn’t have” because what he bought her for her birthday wasn’t “as expensive.”

He wondered how she was able to pay for the luxury watch brand without having been saving.

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“She said she wanted to do something nice for me and she knew I liked it. One day I was attempting to buy a coffee before heading to work and my card was declined.”

Oh no.

“I called the bank, and they told me why they blocked the purchase. After reviewing the online statement, it does show the watch on my account, and that’s not my usual spending habits,”He continued to explain.

Then, he decided that he would speak to his wife. She told him. “I thought I used the shared account. I must’ve pulled out the wrong card by accident. I’m sorry.”

He was moved by her response and told her to return her Rolex. “an unnecessary expense,”But she advised him to keep it, as he could. “afford it”He and she “wanted one anyway.”

“ Please appreciate me wanting to do something nice for you,”He was told by his wife.

People in the comments staunchly believed that he was not the a**hole in the situation and that this was a “serious red flag.”

“Purchases that cost several thousand dollars should be 1)made with one’s own money, 2) saved for 3) discussed prior to using a joint account. I’d be livid if ‘I’ brought myself a Rolex I haven’t budgeted for. Serious red flag, op,”A person wrote to which the gentleman replied with, “Oh yeah. She’s trying to use sex to “make it up to me” too so that I’m not trying to figure out how to return this thing.”

“NTA. This is stealing and not okay. Her trying to minimize the purchase and dissuade you from cancelling it makes me think this might have been intentional,”Another added.

A second person replied, offering advice and claiming to be a bankruptcy attorney.

“NTA. I’m a bankruptcy attorney, and this is a MAJOR red flag. The ability to throw $5K+ on a random card without being sure it’s going on the correct card is a sign that there are many, many other problems going on here. As far as the current incident goes- whether she drained your personal account without telling you or maxed out your credit card without telling you, this is a major issue that bears discussion. If she’s maxing out the joint bills account without telling you, that’s even worse.Please open a credit karma account for yourself to see how much debt she’s put in your name (if any.) You should also ask her to show you her credit Karma account if you have any interest or expectation of bailing her out of her debt or wanting to know how much she owes,”They said.

If you want to buy a lavish gift for someone, it’s safe to save your own funds.


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