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The name Makis Katmetzoglou is surfacing all over the Internet because of the recent viral video. The 18 years old is responsible for uploading Tounti’s Pink Video. The video is trending across the Internet, and netizens share it rapidly on other significant platforms. The clip is especially circulating on Instagram and Facebook. As per the reports, Tonti was also 18 years of her age when she met Katmetzoglou, and ever since, the incident has become the talk of the town all over the web. Obtain more information on Makis Katmetzoglou Instagram Pink Video.

Makis Katmetzoglou

A few hours ago, the teenager Loanna Touni informed all the people through her Instagram account wherein she refused the reports claiming Dimitris Fintirikos delivered her pink video. At the same time, she disclosed the name of the person who made this video contained explicit content; she also mentioned that it is a vendetta video that has been posted later on the social media platforms. She said that it is pretty heartbreaking that her name again became a hot topic for not a good reason.

Makis Katmetzoglou

The Social Media consumer then revealed that Dimitris Fintirikos didn’t upload her pink video, but Makis Katmetzoglou made the private video public in revenge. Although Loanna Touni was featured in the video, her face is visual when she was physically engaged with a man, and everything was recorded. She said that she likes to mention the name of the man who ruined her prestige in Greece, which is too in the lack of strong evidence. She further says Katmetzoglou can even sue her after this video, and she doesn’t have any substantial evidence to prove all these allegations on social media personality.

Touni continued that she could even go to jail for alleging him baselessly. However, she said that she still thinks that the young lady will get justice for the mishap that happened to her. Makis Katmetzoglou hasn’t made any statement on Touni’s video wherein he is getting accused by her. Apart from that, he recently discussed a superfluous attack through his own Instagram account. All of her fans are extremely curious to know who is speaking the truth, but an enormous amount of people are standing with Touni.


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