MAA elections: Mohan Babu sends a voice message ahead of polls


With less than 24 hours to go for the Movie Artists Association (MAA) elections, the Prakash Raj panel and the Manchu Vishnu panel have intensified their campaign. Both sides are trying to take advantage of every opportunity and actively interacting with the members.

Now, veteran actor Mohan Babu asked ‘MAA’ members to vote for his son, Manchu Vishnu. To this extent, he sent a voice message to the members.

MAA elections: Mohan Babu sends a voice message ahead of polls

“MAA was formed to bring Telugu actors together. But the current situations are very painful. Earlier, the elders used to elect a person unanimously without an election. However, the situations have changed. No matter who does it, MAA is a family. We will meet the Chief Minister of the two states after Vishnu wins. We will tell them the hardships of the film industry. It is believed that Vishnu will fulfil the promises in the manifesto. Vishnu is your family member. Think with a clear conscience before you vote,” Mohan said in his message.

Manchu Vishnu is contesting as a presidential candidate against Prakash Raj in the ‘MAA’ Elections – 2021. The Polling will be held on October 10th.


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