Lucifer Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Air Date, Plot and Everything Else

Netflix has revived Lucifer because of the strong premise as well as its popularity. The revival of Lucifer came into being after a significant campaign pulled up by fans. After Netflix revived the series, the previous seasons of Lucifer eventually ended up in the ecosystem of the streaming giant.

By the looks of it, the fourth season of Netflix premiered on the 8th of May 2019 and it set premise to the finale of the show. In addition to this, the reaction to Lucifer’s fourth season has been significant and it is not going to back down anytime soon.


What is the status of the fifth season?

The fans of Lucifer are currently in a bitter sweet moment as Netflix not only confirmed the series to be revived for a fifth run, but the fifth season is going to be the final season.

Lucifer is currently undergoing production and the series is already written by its curator and it will premiere soon in 2020. Back in February 2020, the writers of the series revealed that they have finally finished the story of Lucifer a powerful character from DC Comics. Every great thing in the world has to come to an end one day and the same is with Lucifer.

The fifth season is going to be split into two distinctive haves just like Breaking Bad.

How many episodes are there in Lucifer season 5?

Previously, it was stated that Lucifer will feature 10 distinctive episodes. Later in 2020, the makers revealed that Lucifer will feature 16 episodes which would be further divided into two parts.

The cast of Lucifer is coming back and there will be some characters from the first two seasons who will make a grand entry in the fifth season.

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