‘Love Of Kill’ Episode 1 Live Stream Details, Release Date, Watch Online



  • Ryang-Ha and Chateau cross paths at a workplace
  • “Love of Kill” Episode 1 will air on Wednesday
  • The episode will be streamed on Crunchyroll

Ryang-Ha Song, the best hitman whose real identity remains a mystery, goes against another hitman at a workplace in “Love of Kill” Episode 1. The anime is also called “Koroshi Ai” in Japan.

A new agent named Chateau Dankworth meets Ryang-Ha during one bounty mission. But, unfortunately, Chateau only remembers her name and nothing else due to an incident during her childhood.

The official website has the short content and spoiler stills from “Love of Kill” Episode 1, titled “What’s Your Name?”

The synopsis suggests that Chateau and Ryang-Ha will fight in a workplace parking lot.

For some reason, Ryang-Ha is starting to like Chateau and has provided important information for her bounty mission. At some point, however, a request for Ryang-Ha comes in.

“Two assassins face each other in a certain workplace: the cool bounty hunter Chateau and the mysterious and powerful Ryang-Ha. Chateau and Ryang-Ha become enemies after this fight – at least, they should have. Still, everyone or other reason Ryang-Ha loves Chateau and starts following her,” read the official “Love of Kill” anime synopsis, according to crunchy rolls.

“Little by little, Chateau develops a partnership with Ryang-Ha, which gets her entangled in the fight against the organizations that prey on him. Moreover, that fight is also related to her past. Why did Ryang-Ha approach Chateau? What is Chateau’s secret past? “Two mismatched assassins weave together a twisted ‘Assassin X Assassin’ thriller. But, then, the strange gears of fate begin to move,” the synopsis continued.

The anime is based on Fe’s original work and directed by Hideaki Oba. Ayumu Hisao provides the series composition and scripts. Kei Yoshikawa composed the music for the series.

The cast of “Love of Kill” anime includes Saori Onishi as Chateau Dankworth, Hiro Shimono as Ryang-Ha Song, Kenyuu Horiuchi as Euripedes Ritzland, Houchu Ohtsuka as Donny, Ayumu Murase as Jinon, Youko Hikasa as Mifa, Tomoaki Maeno as Hou, Masakazu Morita as Nikka and Kouhei Amasaki as Jim.

On Crunchyroll, fans can watch “Love of Kill” Episode 1 online this Wednesday. The episode will be streamed live in Japanese with English subtitles.

‘Love Of Kill’ Episode 1 Live Stream Details, Release Date, Watch Online [Spoilers] Love from Kill Anime Photo: “Love of Kill” Official | TV Anime Broadcast Starts From January 12 Official Twitter Account


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