Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast, Who is Shaina Hurley?


Love Is Blind Season 2 Updates: After Netflix’s announcement about its first and most successful reality show “Love is Blind” is having a comeback. Fans went crazy about it. As they hoped for another season with some single people finding love through this reality show slash social experiment.

Fans are very excited about watching some hopeful single people quarantined into “pods”. Totally detached from the outside world to make and feel a connection with the one she or he paired up with. They only get to see each other after accepting the proposal. Then in real life sometimes they get married. Sometimes split up.

Just like the first season. The second season of Love is Blind recruited 30 single men and women. The difference between Season 1 and season 2 is, in this season the people are from Chicago and not from Atlanta.

One of them is Shaina Hurley after the premiere on 11 February fans got to meet her. And after accepting her proposal of Kyle Abrams she went famous. As the fans were very curious about what was going to happen in real life with this couple. But before let’s take a close look at Shaina Hurley.

Love Is Blind Season 2: All About Shaina Hurley?

Love Is Blind Season 2
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As the show Love Is Blind set up some chosen singles are hopeful to mingle. Shaina joins the other 29 men and women in the Love Is Blind cast. This shows every cast member is searching for love and commitment or a partner for the rest of their life.

Shaina Hurley, 32 years old blond who is very devoted to her job as a hairstylist. She has a different business account on Instagram committed to her fans. She lives in the Chicago Metropolitan Area, in Illinois. The resident of the Greater Chicago Area disclosed through her LinkedIn account that she has work experience at Salon Duo, Chicago.

But it’s not yet clear if she worked there before the show. As she likes to call herself a “freelance hair artist”. It’s clear that she is a well-known and experienced artist in the area. Her business account on Instagram shows her works from many previous years. As SCREENRANT disclosed- Shaina also worked as a hairstylist for actress Zoey Deschanel and she did the actress’s hair for the James Beard Awards in 2019.

Shaina currently has a little over 6 thousand followers in her personal Instagram account. With photos of her traveling and amazing fashion sense. Also, she is a very religious person. Take from the episodes on Netflix. And also her Instagram account bio has two bible quotes.

From her Instagram handle, fans can easily find out that she loves traveling. Her explore journey includes Greece, Spain, Scotland, France, etc.

Now that the fans know about Shaina. That she is an amazing hairstylist, loves traveling, can rock any outfit, and is very much religious. They were curious and excited about whom she was going to pair up with?

After Netflix answered this question through the latest episode. Now fans are curious about what’s happening in her real life? Are they still together after the show ended? Giving from the fact that they are very different in real life.

Well, these still remain a question. Let’s hope for the best.


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