Love is blind Season 1 – Here’s A Few Fresh Updates!!


Love is blind season 1 update: Created by Chris Coelen, ‘Love is Blind’ is a truly intriguing reality series in which a bunch of seductive singles struggle to meet their eternal accomplice, experience passionate feelings for marriage and get ready for marriage – all without each other. to see.

Love Is Blind' Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

Imagine the ideas of “Married at First Sight,” “The Bachelor,” and “Dating Around” merging into one, and you’ll end up with this show. From drama to sentiment to smothered feuds, it has every part of an addictive production. In this way, now that ‘After the Altar’ has charmed us, we have clearly chosen to dig deep to to discover how the first couples are doing today.

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas: Divorced

Jessica Batten and Mark Cuevas’ excursion into the units set the mood for how the rest of their experience with the show would go. While he seemed overwhelmed with passion for his accomplice, she was disturbed by their 10-year age difference and hung up on Matthew Barnett.

Jessica made it to their “big day” just to deny Mark in front of his loved ones. Then, at that point, in the extraordinary three-part “After the Altar,” Jessica said he had supposedly undermined her the entire time they were locked up, which Mark has denied.

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes: Divorced

The pair of Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes also came to the dedicated stairway area, just to go in different directions for the awesome. Like everyone else, their band started out solid and had almost no serious concerns in the business. Anyway, despite the way they were the most stable, stable and warm team during the rest of the interaction, they didn’t get together.

Kenny was willing to use what was left of his existence with Kelly, but she said no. It was later revealed that they both chose to say no, but that discussion never made it to our screens, and Kenny somehow adjusted his perspective at the last minute.


Jewel Jack and Carlton Morton: divorced

Jewel and Carlton, as we saw as a whole in the first series, broke up before they even found a chance to walk down the aisle. The only justification for this was that Carlton didn’t tell his accomplice he was bisexual before proposing and then became incredibly wary when she asked questions about the equivalent.

It might have been okay, but since neither of them kept their cool long enough to work things out, this led to a huge twist that ended when Diamond left.

last words

This was all about the couples from Love Is Blind season 1 update. If you liked the content, stay tuned for the latest updates on entertainment and others. Write down your suggestions or doubts in the comments section. Thank you for reading. Peace out!


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