Lone Star Season 3: Release Date, Plot and Updates!


“911 Lone Star” is a sequential drama series that was first Premiered on 19th January 2020 by Fox entertainment. A New York Firefighter gets relocated to Texas and tries to save other people’s lives. The drama also unravels his personal life to demonstrate the humane troubles of every superhero. Lone Star primarily focuses on various emergency assistance departments such as firefighters, police, and medical located in Austin, Texas.

Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear created this show for Fox Entertainment together. The show is a spin-off renewal of the series 9-1-1. The show had its first season in January 2020. Then, it got permission for another season in April 2020. The second “Lone Star” season was aired on T.V. in January 2021. On a more exciting note, recently, Fox has renewed its third season.

When will it come out? Will it be worth the wait? Read more to find out.

Lone Star 3: Cast and Plot

Lone Star 3: Cast and Plot

Season 3 of the Lone Star is scheduled to come out on 3rd January 2022. Rob Lowe as Owen Strand, Liv Tyler as Michelle Blake, Ronen Rubinstein as Tyler Kennedy, Sierra Mcclain as Grace Ryder have been on the show from the beginning and are expected to show in season 3.

It has been revealed that Owen and T.K., Rob Lowe, and Ronen Rubinstein will be fighting the situation as an ice storm gropes Austin, Texas. The 30-second teaser showed paramedic T.K. rushing to drag someone out of a frozen lake. Unfortunately, this show will return without O.G. 9-1-1 as its lead.
Showrunner Tim Minear has hinted that former colleagues may find themselves in different firehouses.

While the show sometimes exaggerates some scenarios, an ice storm around Texas is no joke. However, misery is not the stable outlook of this series, and therefore, obviously, the viewers should expect some personal strifes, versatile characters, and humorous moments.

Lone Star Season 3: Trailer

Check out the trailer here.

The trailer got the audience buzzing.


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