Locke And Key Season 3 All Set To Begin Filming In Toronto, Canada

The Locke And Key Season 2 has not even started streaming on Netflix, and here we are, with the fans being baffled about the possibility of the third season. The Locke And Key have been a bone-cracking drama-comedy and have left the audience laughing and gripping the edge of their seats.


This Netflix adaptation of the splendid comic series by Joe Hill was an experiment a little too risky but, in the end, worth all the risk. The second season hasn’t even started streaming yet. The third season’s filming officially began on May 3rd, in Toronto, Canada.

Yes, it is official news, and Eagle Eyes assured confirmation. They clicked the shots of the team filming near Lakefront Promenade, Toronto, Canada.

Locke And Key Season 3 Expected Release Date

The first season was aired in February 2020. However, the second season kept getting pushed away for a release until now because of the pandemic. However, the second season is now all set to have an official release by the end of summer, most probably, while the third season will approximately release around 2022.

Locke And Key Season 3 and An Expected Cross Over

Fans have been much excited to see a cross-over between the Locke and Key and The Sandman. This is expected to be a comedic cross-over cum spinoff the audience has been waiting for.