Lies And Deceit: Latest Updates On Netflix Release Date, Premiere Details & More


Lies and Deceit is a Spanish thriller series that has been renamed after Mentiras it was first released on the ATRES player premium in April 2020 and at that time the service had only 5 lakh subscribers.

The series is based on a woman who suspected that she has been raped by a surgeon and then goes on a legal battle the series has its fair share of surprises and you will confuse that who is telling truth and who is lying.

The series received a 6.9 rating out of 10 on IMDB. The series will have a global release now and will roll out from Netflix in November.

Lies And Deceit

The series is based on a book written by Jack and Harry Williams the book was released before the pandemic began.

Curro Novellas is behind the series and serves as the writer and director. The director has also worked on many series and is known for his work throughout the industry, he has worked with Netflix on many occasions titles such as High seas and is currently working for the TV mini-series Los Protegidos: El Regreso for ATRESplayer.

Now coming to the main part, the series will roll out globally in November 2021, and Fans who love Spanish thrillers are eagerly waiting for this series to come out we won’t mind if it releases as soon as possible.

Though it’s there one can always watch the Spanish version too in case they are interested in that too now.

While some readers of books prefer that the story should be in a book not in a movie. But every coin has its two sides some love it and some don’t.

The series is one of the most anticipated series to watch binge on Netflix. The series is also recommended to watch as it provides a sense of justice and must for those who love the suspense thriller and Drama in one series.

while there is no official trailer but fans can always check out many other Spanish channels which are showing the live reaction of fans to the series.


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