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Who does not like watching movies? But for several reasons, it is difficult for people to watch movies in theatres nowadays. And sometimes you feel like watching an old film but do not want to wait until the TV broadcasts it.

So with increased internet use and people streaming online movies, multiple websites have risen that stream and upload films of different domains. And people also use these websites without even knowing about them properly. So to inform you more about these kinds of websites, we have brought this article. 


About Letmewatchthis

Letmewatchthis, this is one of the best platforms for online free movie downloads. This place does provide not only the latest movie but also the top shows, which allows people to enjoy their evening awesomely. Moreover, full HD films and different language movies attract people from other places. And this has always helped to grow the website more and more and become the one it is now. 

History of the website

The website started as a simple website used to upload files. However, the popularity started growing once they began uploading the latest content. From then on, the website has not looked back. Though the government has blocked the site repeatedly, the owners changed the name and kept the site going.  

How does Letmewatchthis work?

The website works by earning money from the ads on the site and the money through the click rate. As the website keeps uploading the top latest content on its platform, more and more people visit it. This helps the owner get money from the click rate. And another way is when the number of visitors increases, different companies post their ads on this item. This is another way of money coming in. 

Is the website safe?

No, using this article is not safe. Letmewatchthis is a website that uploads different movies and TV shows without permission from the owner. And this includes piracy. And this adds to an activity of punishment or a monetary fine. Other than this using this website puts your data of mobile at stake. And they are a possible chance of exposure of your data to hackers. So keeping these facts iin mind, we suggest you use an online paid website next time. 

Is downloading a movie from that legal?

Piracy is illegal. And Letmewatchthis is a piracy website. Hence the website is unlawful. And in case you use this site for movie download, you are participating in illegal activity too and will have to face the terms as per the law. So using this site will ultimately make you face the consequences of using the internet illegally. So be safe and use paid legal website to stream the movies online. 

Alternative websites of Letmewatchthis

What are the unique features of Letmewatchthis?

Many websites on the internet are as good as Letmewatchthis. Still, this website has gained fame to a greater extent than the site of the same time. Seeing the success, the question comes to mind: how is this much success possible in such a short time? So here are the unique features we found that make the site successful. Let’s go through the following points and learn more about them. 

  • The website categorizes its content into different forms. When you visit the website, you will find categories according to several years, genres, etc. Even they sort out the films according to the IMDB rating also. This helps the visitor choose the movie even when the person has no idea what to watch. 
  • The website has regular updates and quick bug fixes, making it a better choice for the viewers. Besides its easy user interface, it is another big reason for the popularity of this movie-downloading website.  


This article has no intention to promote Letmewatchthis or any other torrent website. Rather we warn the readers that the website is potentially dangerous . and filled with piracy activity. So we strictly tell you that avoiding this kind of website is better. Rather use some legally paid sites to steam shows and stay safe.

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