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Latest Updates On The New Law & Order: SVU Episode & More

Is Law & Order: SVU new tonight on NBC? Are we going to see? Law & Order: Organized Crime after the fact?

We feel that in general there will always be dependency for both episodes. That’s just a consequence of the greatness of this franchise. It has a dedicated audience and we know the hype for the next episodes is even greater because of the planned crossover.

Law & Order: SVU

Not only are you going to see a lot of Benson and Stabler together, but these stories are about Dylan McDermott’s return as Richard Wheatley. He’s been one of the most notable Big Bads franchises in quite some time, and it seems increasingly likely that Barba will be representing him!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see this crossover play until Thursday, December 9. There are no new episodes tonight due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and next week the lineup is set for the Annie Live! musical event. The promo below should help clear the way for what lies ahead; if that in itself is not enough; we also have some newly released summaries.

Latest Updates On The New Law & Order: SVU Episode & More
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