Latest Updates On Cast Members Of A Million Little Things Season 4


Is Floriana Lima leaving A Million Little Things in the midst of season 4? At the moment, we’d understand why you would wonder that. After all, Darcy is back with her ex and expecting another baby! She’s also away from a number of other characters, leading you to wonder how she’s going to be involved in the rest of the story at all.

Ultimately, just know this: Nothing is 100% settled when it comes to the future of Darcy at all. This is a show that loves its twists and with that, you can also assume there are a number of ways that people can still end up being around each other.

A Million Little Things Season 4

Take, for example, the possibility that Darcy’s baby is actually Gary’s. Could this be? Speaking in a new interview on that subject to TVLine, James Roday Rodriguez noted that his character “is a numbers guy, so you would think he would have been able to figure out [that possibility]. No, we’ve got a couple surprises coming. That storyline is not done.”

From our vantage point, we take that quote to mean that there is a whole lot more that is going to be coming from Darcy in A Million Little Things coming up. Also, Lima is a series regular and it’d be rather strange for the writers to jettison this character when there is clearly a whole lot more in the way of story to tell with her. Our hope is that there’s going to be a chance to get a few more surprises, whether they be about Gary or otherwise. Given the recent time jump, it does feel as though DJ Nash and the writers are leaving themselves open now to a wide array of different possibilities; let’s hope a lot of them pay off into interesting stuff.

What do you think the future could be for Floriana Lima on A Million Little Things?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around — there are other updates coming and we don’t want you to miss any of them.


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