Lagos Girl and Dog Leaked Viral Twitter Video & Reddit Clip Who Is She? Name Images Wiki Bio


A disturbing video is circulating all over social media leaving all of its viewers stunned. The unusual video is circulating especially on Twitter and Reddit and users are awestruck after watching the video. The video is covering that girl getting intimated but not with other human beings. They are getting engaged in physical activities with dogs just to generate a hefty amount of money. The latest video shows a Nigerian woman making love with a dog for 1.5 million nairas. Making relationships with dogs has become a trend for Nigerian and African women. Get more information on the Video of Lagoas Girl and Dog on Twitter Video.

Lagos Girl And Dog Viral Video

As of now, a total of 3 videos have shocked social media users with their inappropriate content wherein a woman is getting engaged with a dog. The women even uploaded videos wherein they are performing intercourse with a dog. In addition to this, a video of a lady belonged to Africa is on the island and is ready to spend a night with a dog in exchange for $1,5 million. The girl has become one of the Internet sensations however, the woman is getting criticized all over.

Lagos Girl and Dog Leaked

Some of the netizens are claiming that she is the same woman lately living in Dubai and serving herself to the high-class native people. She is famous for consuming human waste while providing service as an escort to the affluent people of the country. It is being said that she is quite popular in the country to quench the thirst of the hunters whose fantasy is to assault their partner while getting physical with it. One of her friends disclosed numerous things about her and that she is doing all this just for generating money.

Her unidentified friend is the one who christened her Porta Potty. She said that Porta use to get beaten by her customers along with some other heinous things while providing service. She further says that she is living a luxurious life. She has a house in one of the posh areas of the country and drives a luxurious car.

Some other girls living in Nigeria get inspired by her and are keen to indulge in the same profession to earn money. Porta Potty has gained immense fame and retains every second headline everywhere. There isn’t much available on her background on the web. We will get back to you with more information and the latest updates.


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