Kiss Daniel Buga Dance Viral Video Twitter & Reddit Link


In this new digital age, every day we woke up with something new trending on social media and the internet. Every day a new thing is there and stirring up the internet and making sensations. New day new sensation has become a thing nowadays. Although some of the trending things are exotic and amazing while some are cringe or vilipending some or others. The latest internet sensation which is stirring up the heat is the Kiss Daniel Buga Dance, it is viral all over Twitter, and Instagram. Kiss Daniel Buga Dance has made its way to the trending charts and topped the trending charts currently.

Kiss Daniel Buga Dance

Lately, a popular Nigerian Singer released their latest song and since then many moms with their babies are making dance videos on it and posting them on social media. This latest Trend of Kiss Daniel Buga Dance has been massively viral and set ablaze all over the globe. This video has been grabbing massive public attention, Views, comments, and reshares. Netizens are loving and adoring this viral trend and it has made them crazy all over. The craze of this trend looks like, it won’t go away from the limelight for some time now, it may stick in limelight for quite some time.

This all started after a Nigerian mom posted a video with her daughter performing this song. That Nigerian mother-daughter duo’s video goes massively viral. That video got flooded with the love and admiration of people from all over the globe and it made that a trend. Since then many mothers are making videos with their little ones on the song and following up with this trend. The singer of the song is happy and amazed by the love he is getting from his song. According to the reports, he spoke to the media and stated that he never imagined that his song would create such a massive stir and would be a super hit. He also stated that he is heavily overwhelmed by the love and response to his songs by people from all across the globe. He thanked everyone for making his song trending.

According to some of the reports, the song has garnered millions of views and thousands of comments and likes. The dance trend on the song too has many videos on social media, and it’s increasing with each passing minute. Dance Trends like these are always loved by people globally. We will update you soon with new developments in this news story. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.


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