King Nagarjuna Breaks Bigg Boss Telugu TRP Records

Actor Nagarjuna Akkineni has broken all previous TRP records of Bigg Boss. Season 3 of this reality show has recorded a TRP of 17.92 setting up a new bar to reach in upcoming seasons.

The credit for this record TRP must also be given for the first two seasons hosted by Jr.NTR and Nani for setting up the platform. The audience for the show kept increasing day by day and season by season.

The second season of the show was a big success, recording a high increase in the first-time audience. And the second season has also seen a lot of drama and hype on social media platforms. The season winner Kaushal Manda has also got a lot of popularity among people turning people’s eyes towards Big Boss.

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However, season 2 couldn’t break the records set by season 1. The season 1 recorded a TRP of 16.1. The season 2 recorded a 15.5. So it took one season to break the records of its first season.

Grand Final episode of season 2 got a TRP of 14.13. It will be interesting to see how much the season 3 grand final will get. Things are looking great ahead for the Bigg Boss production team.

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