Kim Seon-ho Will Attend The Script Reading Of His Debut Film.


‘Hometown’ star Kim Seon-ho attends ‘Sad Tropics’ script reading

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” star Kim Seon-ho will attend the script reading of his debut film, marking the resumption of his activities as an actor.

According to Korean media outlet Maeil Economic Daily, Kim Seon-ho will be at the first full script reading of the movie “Sad Tropics” on December 3.

‘Hometown’ star Kim Seon-ho attends ‘Sad Tropics’ film script reading – Manila Bulletin

Kim Seon-ho (tvN)

Kim Seon-ho retired from his career last month when his ex-girlfriend accused him, including forcing her to have an abortion in July last year. A series of revelations that followed, including rebuttals to the allegations, turned the tide and businesses resumed running ads featuring Kim Seon-ho.

The report stated that all the major “Sad Tropics” cast members, including Kim Seon-ho, will attend the script reading. Actress Go Ara will also be there, with the female lead.

‘Sad Tropics’, a new movie directed by Park Hoon-jung, is about a Korean-Filipino (Kopino) boy, who has a Korean father and a Filipino mother and dreams of becoming a boxer. He goes to Korea to find his father who abandoned him. “Kopino” is a term that refers to a person who has Korean and Filipino parents.

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Kim Seon-ho will play a mysterious character who will either be a helper or a hindrance to the boy in the film. A new actor has been chosen to play the part of the boy and he will be officially introduced at the script reading on December 3.

Salt Entertainment, Kim Seon-ho’s agency, previously confirmed that “it is true that actor Kim Seon-ho will appear in ‘Sad Tropics’.”

The shooting of “Sad Tropics” will start in December. A producer of ‘Sad Tropics’ previously posted on Instagram: ‘A lot of people believe in Kim Seon-ho and are waiting for him, so I think good news is coming soon.’


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