Kim Kardashian corrects Ellen who assumed Psalm’s necklace was fake and the passive aggression is ‘scary’


Kim Kardashian corrects Ellen who assumed Psalm’s necklace was fake and the passive aggression is ‘scary’

Kim Kardashian passive aggressively corrected Ellen Degeneres while appearing on “The Ellen Show” this week, after Ellen assumed her and Kanye West’s son Psalm’s chain necklace was fake. The passive-aggressive exchange is so awkward that fans are shocked.

“And Psalm is the one that wears the giant chain around his neck — is that Psalm?” Ellen asked Kim to refer to a cute photo of her son adorned in many fashionable necklaces.

Once Kim confirms that the photo is indeed of Psalm — “yes, it’s so big” — Ellen turns to the audience to gush over how cute it is. “Oh my god, he wears this fake, giant chain,” Kim interrupts her, and she continues.

“Wait, did you say fake?” Kim interrupts her as the crowd screams and laughs and then inevitably applauds. Ellen looks shocked, and chuckling, insists: “It’s fake.” But Kim retorts: “It’s not! It’s not!”

“Oh my god, it’s huge,” Ellen continues, trying to justify her assumption. “I know, but it’s not,” Kim reiterates. “How can he keep his head up?! It’s not fake?!” Again, Kim repeats: “No, it’s not.”

Kim laughs throughout the entire conversation, but viewers were quick to note how passive-aggressive the exchange really was. “Kim wasn’t having it,” one viral Instagram captioned the clip.

“The passive aggressiveness in this video has me scared,” One user replied. “The amount of celebs who show aggression to Ellen on her own show,” said another — attaching a crying emoji.

“My god the intensity I can’t,” a third echoed followed by laughing-crying emojis, as another concurred: “She was like, ‘run that back!’”

“I wonder if [Ellen] ever wonders why the celebrities she invites are always passive aggressive towards her,” one curious Instagrammer queried.

We’ll never know what Ellen thinks, but one thing’s for sure: We will never question Kim’s children’s jewellery moving forward.


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