Keratin Hair Mask Treatment

Keratin hair mask is one of the well-known and useful procedures. The main positive quality of the component is the restoration of damaged areas of the hair, which occurs due to the nutrition and saturation of the cuticle. However, it has a fairly large molecular structure, and it is important to use its hydrolyzed form, which is able to penetrate into the rod framework.

The amount directly depends on the type and color of the strands, as well as on nationality. So, if among the inhabitants of the African continent, its share is 85%, then among Europeans, it is about 80%. In straight and dark hair, there will also be more keratin than in soft and light curls. A special keratin hair mask will help saturate the strands with keratin.

How often should you do such treatment so as not to overload your hair? In general, there are no specific restrictions. But too often, resorting to the help of keratin is not worth it. For example, just do the following procedure when your hair is frizzy again. This usually happens after about three months. However, for some girls, the effect lasts up to six months.

Why is it so Popular Among Girls?

In reasonable quantities, keratin will certainly heal your hair by enriching it with much-needed protein. If everything is done correctly, the results will be visible very soon. How soon you can observe them depends on your choice of keratin mask for hair. The high popularity of these masks is due to the presence of a huge number of positive signs:

  • restoration and hydration of the hair structure;
  • creation of a protective shell;
  • reducing the level of electrization;
  • creating a mirror effect;
  • ease of use;
  • reduction in the amount of dandruff;
  • the possibility of carrying out the procedure both at home and in the conditions of specialized beauty salons;
  • reconstruction of the porous strand structure;
  • giving hair shine and friability;
  • weighting the strands with their simultaneous straightening.

Keratin masks for hair are effective when used correctly. Masters of beauty salons, hairdressing salons follow the rules of the profession, informing clients about how to take care of hair, maintain its strength and health.

Despite all the poses, home care has several cons in case of negligence or an excess of keratin composition, namely:

  • The structure of the strands becomes heavy to such an extent that the strands break off, fall out. Girls with naturally thin hair should check with a professional before choosing a treatment option.
  • The hair gets dirty faster and the scalp becomes oily.
  • Such hair treatment is strictly prohibited for pregnant women or still breastfeeding.
  • With damage to the scalp, keratin straightening should not be used.
  • Dyed hair fades faster and therefore it is necessary to restore and maintain color more often.

Of course, you can use Botox as a replacement another hair treatment procedure, but it does not cope with porous and curly hair.

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