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Kendall Jenner ‘building houses in Mexico’ after tequila brand sparks backlash

Kendall Jenner has said that she is helping to ‘build homes’ for people in Mexico after being accused of cultural appropriation earlier this year.

After the American star, aged 25, appeared in an advertisement for 818 Tequila Tequila, critics reacted.

The millionaire bombshell spoke on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and said that the brand supports the communities in Jalisco, central Mexico where the drink was made.

Kendall said: “At our distillery, which I was just at the other day, we found a way to take the agave fibres and water waste and build sustainable brick that were are actually dominating back to the community of Jalisco.

Kendall Jenner 'building houses for Mexicans' after cultural appropriation backlash
The model is estimated to be worth around $45 million (£33 million)

“Along with saving the planet it’s important for us to be friendly to the community as well. We’re donating them and building homes for people that need homes.”

There is mixed opinion from tequila producers about Kendall’s latest business venture. The split in opinions is perfectly encapsulated by the co-owners La Gritona Tequila.

Andy Coronado believes that the move takes resources away from smaller brands. He said: “It is a commodity, and it boosts the prices. It leaves the rest of the tequila world to trying to … survive.”

His business partner Melly Barajas Cardenas had a different perspective: “If you say tequila, you immediately think about Mexico.

Kendall Jenner 'building houses for Mexicans' after cultural appropriation backlash
There were suggestions that the branding looked very similar to another tequila company’s

“I would love for it to be known all over the world by whoever because although an American creates their own brand and whether you like it or not, Mexico also sees that money because there’s no other country.”

This also isn’t the only time that Kendall’s company has been in hot water. Nick Matzorkis, Tequila 512’s CEO, took to Instagram in May to highlight the similarities.

He said: “To be clear, the post does not accuse them of ‘stealing our idea,’ but does point out obvious undeniable similarities that in their entirety makes a worthy point on the face of it.”

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Kendall Jenner 'building houses in Mexico' after tequila brand sparks backlash
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