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Keiron Dyer forced to withdraw from Celeb SAS after opening up about childhood abuse

Former footballer Keiron Dyer has been forced to withdraw from Channel 4 reality show Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, shortly after opening up about the horrific sexual abuse he survived as a child.

Keiron was brought in front of the DS to talk about his anger problems after the Redman Challenge, in which each recruit beat one of the DS padded with red protective gear.

Keiron had, as you can see, been a bit angry during the challenge. But he eventually calmed down when he was told to.

Jason Fox, who was beaten up by Keiron, had to be helped off the floor by chief instructor Ant Middleton after the brawl, admitting: “F**king hell, my eyes are rattling in my head!”

Later that day, Keiron faced down the DS during an interrogation, in which he opened up about the trauma he had gone through in the past.

Keiron battered Jason Fox during the challenge

“I was a victim of sexual abuse when I was a kid,” Keiron admitted candidly. “I was 11 or 12, from a family member.

“This monster… made me a monster. I can’t count the number of people that I have hurt over the years because of these personality characteristics, including my family, dad, mum, and wife.

“I always have the mindset of, ‘You know what, because I’m a victim, this is the way I am’.

“I want to make it clear that, as soon as I leave this place, I am no longer a victim to sexual abuse. Because he wins every time that I’m a victim.

Keiron bravely opened up on the show

“Every time I hurt my family and they’re victims, he wins.

“So I’m not a victim no more,” he added.

But the earlier brawl caused Keiron to crack a rib – and, while out on night watch with Aled Davies, collapsed on the floor as he couldn’t breathe.

When the other recruits enquired about his condition the next day, Ant Middleton joked that he “didn’t make it” – before telling them that Keiron was recovering in a warm bed, but had been forced to medically withdraw from the course due to his injury.

Keiron later collapsed due to a busted rib

Fans at home were left devastated for Keiron after his honest admission, and took to Twitter to air their thoughts about his leaving the course.

One penned: “Respect to Keiron, very brave to open up about what he went through.”

Someone else said: “Had no idea Keiron Dyer had suffered that and I totally applaud him for being so brave to open up and talk about it in front of millions.”

As a third posted: “Keiron did amazingly well, what a brave trooper, sorry to see him go!”

“What a shame for Keiron. He needed this. You could tell he did. He would have made the end too, no doubt,” someone else predicted.

Celebrity SAS: The Dares To Win continues Sunday, 9pm on Channel 4.

Keiron Dyer forced to withdraw from Celeb SAS after opening up about childhood abuse
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