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Katie Price’s kids told Katie Price that they wouldn’t speak to Katie Price again if Katie ‘went back in her old ways’

Katie Price’s children warned her they would never speak to her again if she used cocaine, just six months before she flipped her car with “cocaine in her system”.

Katie, who will be returning to the Priory on Tuesday after she crashes her vehicle, has agreed to no contact with the outside world via mobile phones while she heals.

Junior, 16 years old, and Princess, 14 years old, are her children.

Crawley Magistrates Court heard that Katie had fled on Tuesday morning “cocaine in her system”At the time of the accident, she had already told police: “I took drugs, I should not be driving, I admit it all.”

According to Debbie Jones, the prosecutor for Debbie Jones, a drug wipe revealed a positive drug test result for cocaine.

Katie, who had spent the first year at The Priory, vowed to undergo regular drug tests to prove her clean. She also opened up to her children about her cocaine use.

Katie Price's kids warned they’d ‘never speak to her again' if she took cocaine
Katie Price’s kids warned they’d ‘never speak to her again’ if she took cocaine

She shared her story The Sun: “My kids thought I had lost the plot and was partying. They didn’t realise it was me breaking down trying to block things out – they needed to know the truth.

“Everybody says that I am much more happy now.

“But they say, ‘mum if you ever get back to how you were, we are never going to speak to you again.’ I tell them they never have to worry because I wouldn’t go back there.”

Katie has experienced a host of rehab stints over the past few years in the wake of legal issues and substance abuse
Katie has had many rehab stays over the years due to legal issues and substance abuse.

She said that she had previously used cocaine in the past because she couldn’t see the end of her tunnel due to mental health issues.

Katie checked herself in to The Priory after October 2020. “hitting rock bottom”.

She said The MirrorShe went to The Priory last year and stated: “I don’t want to leave here, I want to be an inpatient, help me sort out my head.”

Katie Price, covered with a blanket, leaves Crawley Magistrates' Court, West Sussex, where she pleaded guilty to a slew of offences following a crash near her home in Sussex
Katie Price covered with a blanket leaves Crawley Magistrates Court in West Sussex where she pleaded guilty a number of offences following a collision near her Sussex home.

Katie later left the facility but checked back in less that a year after she crashed her car.

After pleading guilty to three charges of drink driving and driving while disqualified, she is now in the facility. Her sentencing has been delayed.

Katie Price's kids told Katie Price that they wouldn't speak to Katie Price again if Katie 'went back in her old ways'
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