Kangana Ranaut Shared Her Looks From ‘Dhakad’ on Instagram: Release Date Announced


Kangana Ranaut launched the giant poster of her upcoming movie ‘Dhaakad’ outside a popular lounge in Juhu in Mumbai tonight. It also recorded the release date of the film. Actually, Kangana Ranaut had reached the ‘Estella’ lounge to attend the birthday party of one of the producers of ‘Dhaakad’, Deepak Mukut, and the completion of the shooting of the film. Before joining the party, Kangana also talked about the film after the launch of the giant poster of the film covered with curtains outside.

Kangana Ranaut Shared Her Looks From 'Dhakad' on Instagram: Release Date Announced

Dhaakad Release Date

The film will be shown in cinemas across the country starting next week 8th April 2022. On the poster announcing the release of ‘Dhaakad’, there were different styles of Kangana’s action avatar.

Dhaakad release date

Dhaakad is a spy thriller movie: Kangana

Speaking to the media, Kangana expressed her excitement about the release of ‘Dhaakad’ in theaters. He said that ‘Dhaakad’ is a spy thriller movie and no such movie has been made in the history of Indian cinema to date. He also called ‘Dhaakad’ a ‘revolutionary’ (revolutionary) film. Kangana Ranaut expressed her happiness for the release of her upcoming movie ‘Dhaakad’ in cinemas during the Corona period and said that ‘Dhaakad’ can only be seen in cinemas. Kangana Ranaut also expressed the hope that when her film comes out next April, it is possible that films will be allowed to be shown in theaters at 100% instead of 50% capacity by then.


After speaking briefly with the media, Kangana hastily entered the lounge along with the director, producers, and others involved in the film to celebrate Deepak Mukut’s birthday and the film’s completion party. An actual bicycle used in the film was also shown on the occasion. The party was also attended by actors Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, who are close friends of producer Deepak Mukut, but both also collaborated on the film ‘Apne 2’ produced by him.


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