Kanabadutaledu Full Movie Download Leaked To Watch Online | Sunil Starrer Pirated

Actor Sunil’s new movie ‘Kanabadutaledu’ was released on film screens across Telugu states and all over the world on Thursday. The film received an average talk from the audience and is expected to have a decent run at the box office. But to everyone’s surprise, the film is pirated online on the day of its release. Read to know more.

Kanabadutaledu Full Movie Download Leaked To Watch Online | Sunil Starrer Pirated

About The Movie: Kanabadutaledu 

Starring actor Sunil in the lead role, Kanabadutaledu is a crime drama film about a missing delivery boy. Written and directed by BalaRaju M, The film also stars Vaishaliraj, SukranthVeerella, Himaja, Yugram, Praveen, Ravi Varma, Kireeti Damaraju, and Kancharapalem Kishore.

Kanabadutaledu is produced by Sagar Machanuru, Satish Raju, Dileep Kurapati, Dr.Srinivas Kishan Anapu, and Deviprasad Balivada. The music of the film is composed by Madhu Ponnas. Madhu Ponnas is the director of photography. The editing is done by RaviTeja Kurmana.

The film’s trailer and teaser were released on YouTube and they received a good response from the audience. The film was expected to have a decent run at that box office but everyone’s shock, the film was pirated on day one.

Kanabadutaledu Full Movie Download Leaked

Much to the shock of film lovers and the audience, the film was pirated and put online for download and watch online service. This is a huge shock to the team of this small movie which mostly depends on revenue from the theater audience.

We appeal to our readers not to watch or download the movie online instead of trying to encourage the film fraternity by watching the movie in theaters. If you are worried about Covid, then wait until the film is released on an OTT platform. Watching a pirated film is not only morally wrong but also punishable by law.

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