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Kadeena Cox wins Celebrity Masterchef as she beat 19 other stars to the title

In yet another classic win for Paralympian Kadeena Cox, she’s added a gold medal in cooking to that long list as she lands the top spot on Celebrity Masterchef.

After a hard-fought four weeks, Kadeena Cox won BBC One’s celebrity contest show. The final week was an incredible one as she defeated 19 other celebs for the top spot.

Awarded the trophy by judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace, proud Kadeena said: “I gave everything I could today. I am absolutely buzzing. This smile is not disappearing from my face for a while. I am just proud of myself for doing it.

“I didn’t change who I was, I learnt along the way but I was still Kadeena right to the end. It has been an amazing journey, and one I will never forget.

Congratulations to Kadeena!
Congratulations Kadeena

John supported Kadeena in celebrating her success as he praised her for her ongoing dedication towards the win, he said: “So many times during this year’s competition I forgot Kadeena had Multiple Sclerosis and was not only battling for the trophy but had her own personal battle going on.

“She just never let up, she didn’t stop! She is an inspiration to me. Her food is special, not just because it is technically brilliant but also because it has heart, it’s got soul and it’s got love.”

The athlete appeared alongside other finalists Meghan McKenna and Joe Swash as they had two hours to present a three-course meal to the judges.

Celebs had to impress the judges
Celebs had to impress the judges

Gregg Wallace said: “What a lovely, lovely final. Today from Kadeena we got very special dishes. It’s not just the quality of Kadeena’s cooking, it’s the originality of the ideas.

“There is a reason she has a bedroom full of medals. She is a strong competitor.”

The menu which landed her the win was a starter of torched salmon marinated in lime juice with caviar, tempura prawn topped with a crab meat mayonnaise, asparagus salad and a Bloody Mary granite.

For mains, she dished up a main course of French trimmed rack of lamb, Caribbean curried goat pie, roasted carrots, spinach, silver skin onions and a lamb curry sauce.

Kadeena added one more gold medal to her collection
Kadeena added one more gold medal to her collection

To hit the sweet spot, she offered Choux au Craquelin filled with mascarpone whipped cream with hazelnut praline crumb and tempered chocolate.

Although all the finalists presented amazing dishes, Kadeena was the winner.

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Kadeena Cox wins Celebrity Masterchef as she beat 19 other stars to the title
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