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Joshua vs Usyk predictions: Ben Davison, Luke Campbell and more weigh in on big fight

Anthony Joshua is gearing up for a test many regard as the toughest of his eight-year professional career on Saturday night.

The unified heavyweight chief will defend his titles against Oleksandr Usyk from Ukraine, a former champion at cruiserweight.

Joshua is 24-1, but Usyk has an impeccable professional record (18-0). Usyk is widely known as one of the top pound-for–pound fighters in the world. He has blitzed through the Cruiserweight division before moving up to heavyweight.

Will he be able to challenge AJ in north London, however?

Daily Star Sport have spoken with six of the most knowledgeable figures in British boxing to get their predictions, and they’re largely in agreement…

Anthony Joshua (left) and Oleksandr Usyk with Chairman of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn during a press conference at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London
Daily Star Sport are on hand with predictions from some of the biggest names in British boxing ahead of Anthony Joshua vs Oleksandr Usyk

Darren Barker

Darren Barker, trainer of Dave Allen looks on prior to the Dave Allen Media Workout
Darren Barker is backing AJ to come out on top

I think the fight will start off a little cagily if I’m honest.

AJ has lost weight and will be sharper, but he’s still bigger. So I believe he will hold the middle of the ring, and aggressively try to outbox Usyk.

Usyk is going to attempt to move, pot shot, and nick some of these early rounds. AJ needs to remain focused, stay patient, and be disciplined.

As rounds progress, I expect AJ to continue his strong performance and begin to put weight on the contest. Usyk will begin to tire quickly and could be beaten by him.

It could be exciting if he does not. Usyk will still have some success in the rounds. However, I think size and power will be the deciding factors in the fight. AJ may even get a stoppage.


Who do you think will win the fight? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Ben Davison

Ben Davison
Ben Davison believes Joshua’s size advantages will be key

In my opinion Joshua will go about the fight in the wrong way. He will win, however.

The size difference, which I don’t mean in terms punch power, is the actual distance Usyk must travel to reach Joshua – Joshua may not have the fastest feet but he does have fast hands and Usyk will need to help him get some steam if he plays chess.

He can’t afford just to sit back and let Joshua have the engine to put it on him later in fight. Usyk may need to step up to Joshua to get his steam flowing.

Joshua vs Usyk predictions: Ben Davison, Luke Campbell and more weigh in on big fight
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Joshua vs Usyk predictions: Ben Davison, Luke Campbell and more weigh in on big fight

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It’s a lot to cover, no matter if you’re orthodox or southpaw. But, with the distance and length difference, it’s a huge distance for him to need to transition. Joshua could easily clip him from the beginning.

But if Joshua is calm, composed, and under constant pressure, I believe he will be too strong for Usyk in the later stages of this fight. Both ways, I see Anthony Joshua winning.


Jamie Moore

Jamie Moore
Jamie Moore is also tipping AJ to prevail

The first two or three rounds I think will be feeling out, Usyk might even nick a couple of them.

He’ll be in his groove once Joshua has. Joshua’s performance since the loss to Andy Ruiz is impressive.

His size will soon take control and Usyk will be hurt. He won’t stop him, I think. But he should catch him for a while and then wobble him.

I believe he will win on points.


Luke Campbell

Gold medalist Luke Campbell of Great Britain celebrates after the medal ceremony for the Men's Bantam (56kg) Boxing final bout on Day 15 of the London 2012 Olympic Games
Luke Campbell believes his former Olympic team-mate will get the job done

I’d definitely say it’s Joshua’s toughest test in terms of what Usyk’s got boxing wise. He is not a heavyweight.

Wladimirklitschko was probably more awkward for him than this fight, as Usyk is smaller in stature and is not a great puncher. Yes, he is a southpaw with skill, but the main event will be between the heavyweights.

Joshua is in a great place. I spoke to him a few days ago. I have a feeling in my stomach that he is ready for this.

He needs to be brave and not bully, but smartly. It doesn’t matter if it is a short chess match, he is ready for 12 rounds.

He could potentially go in there and beat Usyk. I believe he could stop Usyk in the mid- to late rounds.


Frank Warren

Frank Warren
Frank Warren expects Usyk to prevail if the fight goes 12 rounds

The old adage is that a good big’un will beat a good little’un. That’s how I see the fight.

Joshua could be the one to help this man get off the back foot.

Although he is an excellent boxer, he is much smaller than Joshua so Joshua must assert his authority and allow his bombs to fly.

Joshua will be outboxed if Usyk is still there after seven rounds, or if he’s still there at the finish.

If the Ukrainian stands by the last bell, I believe he will win it.

Joshua must hurt him. He has to hit big shots and stoppage. The question now is whether Usyk can take the punches.


Tony Sims

Anthony Joshua and Tony Sims
Tony Sims, Joshua’s first pro trainer, believes he will stop Usyk inside the distance

I personally don’t see any way that Usyk is going to win this fight or even last the distance.

Joshua will connect once the fight reaches the halfway point.

The fight will look a lot like a chess match, as Usyk was unable to score any shots in the first three rounds against Joe Joyce.

It’s hard to stop Joshua from advancing when you’re surrounded by such a large man. He’s a big man with long arms and tall. He also punches really hard.

Joshua and Usyk meet for the first time at the press conference
Joshua earned a landslide in Daily Star Sport’s predictions special

At first Usyk will try to keep away from him and he’ll be hard to pin down, but there’s only so long you can do that before Joshua catches up with you.

Joshua will begin to catch him after the halfway mark.


Joshua to win: 6 – Usyk to win: 1

Joshua vs Usyk predictions: Ben Davison, Luke Campbell and more weigh in on big fight
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