Jeremy Edwards Dead or Alive? Check Where Is She Now? Death Hoax True Or Fake?


Jeremy Edwards, you all must have heard this name somewhere or the other, lately, this name has been in buzz among the masses, and reports regarding his life and death are making headlines and making buzzes all across. In today’s article we will tell you all about Jeremy Edwards, so stay tuned with us and read until the end. Jeremy Edwards rose to fame after playing an amazing role in the popular Hollyoaks. Jeremy played the role of Kurt Benson in the trailblazing Hollyoaks. People were mesmerized by his performance in it and in no time it was declared a superhit.

Jeremy Edwards dead or alive

The popular Soap Opera started in the year 1995 and continued till the year 1999. It was one of the superhit shows on television of that time. Many people loved the show and thus they adored and admired the show. People were massively amazed and charmed by the persona of Kurt Benson in the show. Jeremy Edwards later went on to play many popular and eye-catching roles in his career. He also played the popular role of a male nurse named Danny Shaughnessy. This role of his was also adored and admired by the masses from all across the nation. According to the reports, Jeremy’s close friend and co-actor Laura Sadler passed away in the year 2003 June.

Since then Jeremy Edwards didn’t be the same. He was massively devastated and traumatized by her sudden and unfortunate death. According to the reports, Laura slipped from 40 ft and died, her cause of death was tragic and traumatic. Laura Sadler’s unfortunate death deeply hurt Jeremy. Reports have claimed that he started drinking heavily after her unfortunate demise. Jeremy was depressed after her demise. He was not able to absorb and cope with the situation. He was not able to believe that her close friend Laura Sadler is no more and has passed away. Her death put a very negative and saddening impact on his life. Even Jeremy accepted this fact while speaking in an interview.

Later Jeremy got married in the year 2009 to Lydia. In the year 2020, the couple announced that they are expecting their first child through the process of surrogacy. The couple is deeply in love with each other. They love and adore each other a lot. People also love and adore them a lot. Lately, there are reports on social media claiming his death, so we would like to tell all our viewers that there is no such information from the officials regarding his death. So this information about his death is false and just a hoax spread by some internet troll. There is no reality in this report, which is floating all across social media and creating buzzes all over social media. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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