Japanese Hit Anime Free! Gets Release Date For Season 4?


Free! is a Japanese anime television series directed by Hiroko Utsumi and Eisaku Kawanami, produced by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do, and written by Masahiro Yokotani. Fans are now eagerly awaiting Fire! Season 4 is coming out soon.

It is a contemporary adaptation of the Japanese novel High Speed!, written by Koji Oji.

The series has an excellent storyline and has run for 3 seasons. Season 1 aired in 2013 and the final season premiered in 2018.

Japanese Hit Anime Free! Gets Release Date For Season 4?

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Once the third season of the series was completed, it was announced that the show will be getting another season. Everyone is now waiting for the fourth part of the television series.

The Summer Olympics are now taking place in July 2021 and the next season of the series is also expected to air in July 2021. However, there is no confirmation yet. All 3 seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix and the series has an overall rating of 7.4 on IMDb.

The trailer is for free! Season 4 is out and fans are very excited about it!

New members are being added to the Iwatobi swim team. The third season is more about securing a future, so it seems anime fans are looking for Olympic swimming credentials with the new Free! movie.

The only mystery is whether the new movie will be a plot-setter for season 4 or whether it will dive straight into the flesh of the plot. Similar to how the movie Free! Take your points! in the run-up to the Free! Season 3: Dive To The Future, the 2021 movie will likely create the conditions for free! Season 4.


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