Janamaithri Movie Review And Rating | Indrans, Saiju Kurup

As the name signifies “Janamythri” which means ‘people-friendly’ is always heard with Police Station in Kerala. “As everyone loved Aadu movie, this movie will be a fun trip all the way,” says Saiju Kurup. The production company Friday films, which have a 95% success rate has recently formed a sister company. Named Friday Film House Experiments. This is their first movie.

The trailer includes some conversations. Which are funny and suspenseful at the same time. It paved the way to many funny speculations by an audience already. This movie is about “something” Kerala Police always do. The speculations and fears spread around Kerala about other-state workers making trouble, and Kerala Police running around to catch them is pictured humorously here.

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The policies enacted by Kerala police to make people feel more friendly with them like giving black tea at night to travelers, etc. are hilarious. The group of police including the actor Indrans makes the movie more colorful. There comes a part where everyone will think its the twist when ‘Samyuktan’ the lead role acted by Saiju Kurup declares, “It’s trouble.” Only to reveal he has loose motion due to drinking tea at night.

And people-friendly Police take it as their own responsibility. The movie is an unending laughter ride till the end. Light comedy, funny BGM( background music), simple and relatable plot, popular cast, etc. are the main attractions of this movie.

The movie is set mostly at Kannur District of Kerala. This is the debut movie of John Manthrickal. He has co-written ‘Ann Mariya Kalippilanu’, and ‘Amala’. The cast includes Indrans, Saiju Kurup, Vijay Babu, Sabumon among others. Vishnu Narayanan is the cinematographer and Shaan Rahman is the music director.

Janamaitri is a movie without alcohol and cigarettes. This movie has nothing offensive to anyone belonging to any class or region. Janamaithri has been given a ‘U’ certificate by the censor board.

Review Of Janamaithri

The film is a total laugh riot. Yes, there is a serious plot point, but still, the movie runs on a comedy note. There are very few scenes where the director doesn’t make you laugh. The movie runs on a theme of comedy errors.

I think this one of its kind of film. Taking a police theme and making a comedy film out of it is never done before, I guess. The actors have done a great job portraying comic roles. The dialogues, expressions, body language and everything else is absolutely on point.

The comical music of the film has made the scenes extra funnier, thanks to the music director, Shaan Rahman. And the cinematographer Vishnu Narayanan has also added to the awesomeness of the film. Finally, thanks to the director John Manthrickal for making us all laugh throughout. I would say you should consider watching this film with your friends and family.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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