Jack Nicholson Was Gorgeous When He Was Younger


Jack Nicholson Was Gorgeous When He Was Younger

Ever since he joined the Hollywood scene, Jack Nicholson has been linked romantically with other celebrities, like his on-and-off girlfriend Anjelica Huston. At the time when he was mostly unknown, Nicholson married fellow actor Sandra Knight in 1962, per The Hollywood Reporter. The two had a daughter, Jennifer, and they were married for six years, per The Baltimore Sun. After Jennifer gave birth to a son, Sean, Nicholson became a grandfather. She later had a second child, Duke. Another celebrity Nicholson dated was musician Michelle Phillips from the Mamas and the Papas, the ’60s band famous for “California Dreaming.” According to People, Phillips became pregnant with Nicholson’s child but had a miscarriage.

As a fresh face in Hollywood, Nicholson began working on the movie “Five Easy Pieces” with actor Susan Anspach. And according to Anspach, “she and Jack were having a fling” while filming in 1970, according to People. She was later reportedly pregnant by Nicholson’s child. The actor kept his relationship with Caleb Goddard, a boy, quiet throughout his career. But in 1998, Nicholson revealed to Rolling Stone that “Caleb and I have been getting along beautifully now.” He also confessed that he couldn’t dive into the specifics “based on the legality — the extremely unpleasant litigious nature of most of my relationship there.” 

Nicholson also had two children, Lorraine and Raymond, with Rebecca Broussard, born one year apart. And the actor has been rumored to be the father of two more children.


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