Jabariya Jodi First Day / Day 1 Box Office Collections – Siddharth, Parineeti

Expectations were on A high with a movie which was based on the typical rural issues. Jabariya Jodi as the name itself suggests is filmed depicting the culture of ‘ bonded marriage’. The movie tries to get beneath the skins of the one blindly following this absurd looking practice.

Parineeti and Siddharth were amazing as a duo, they absolutely nailed it, their screen timing was surely appreciable.

The movie hit the big screen the past Friday, and it was a Lukewarm response from the audience towards the movie. It managed to collect 7 crores worldwide, which nowhere near the decent mark.

Jabariya Jodi First Day Box Office Collections

jabariya jodi

The collection from the Indian theaters amounted for a mere 4 crores, which is a worrying sign for the makers. If you go as per the buzz, and the average ratings of the critics you would expect this film does perform reasonably well. But for now, it isn’t the case. The reason for the cold performance of the film is said as the below-average performance of the morning and the afternoon shows. Most of them weren’t even Housefull. This is the least one could expect from the opening shows.

The morning shows accounted for only 12-17% of the total collection, while the afternoon show bagged a reasonable collection of 20_25 %. Rest were on account of the evening and night shows.

Ray of hope:

There’s something to cheer about for the makers of Jabariya Jodi, considering it was a working day, and most of the office going people weren’t up for the movie. A three-day holiday is coming, we have 3 straight holidays coming to our way. Saturday, Sunday, Monday people are expected to turn up in huge numbers on their holidays. So there’s not everything lost for the film there’s still chances of it performing decently.

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