Is this the Tip that Broke The Gabby Petito Case Wide Open


Is this the Tip that Broke The Gabby Petito Case Wide Open

On September 19, authorities found a body that has since been confirmed to be Gabby Petito in Bridgerton National Forest in Wyoming, according to the New York Post. The body was only discovered by authorities after they received a tip the night before.

Travel vlogger Jenn Bethune explained on “Fox and Friends” that a friend tagged her in a post asking people who had been in the park on August 27 to look through their photos and videos for clues to Petito’s whereabouts. “I got chills all over my body and ran right straight back to my laptop, got my GoPro footage, and lo and behold, Gabby’s van was on there,” Bethune said (she’s since uploaded the footage of the discovery).

Bethune recalled that she and her husband noticed the van, but “didn’t think anything of it.” She continued, “… the van had Florida plates, and we wanted to stop and say hi. But the van was very dark, closed up, looked like no activity, so we ended up just keeping driving.” Bethune revealed that she got to call Petito’s mother after realizing she had seen the van. “It was beautiful, we got to share some moments together on FaceTime,” She said. “Just two moms, really just have a great cry.” She said, “I am so sad that we couldn’t bring her back alive. To be able to bring her home to her family, or help with that, is everything.”


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