Is 1883 Season 1 Episode 2 Aired On The Paramount Network? – What Do You Think?


Yellowstone' Gets a Prequel in '1883,' but It Wasn't Easy - The New York  TimesAfter the broadcast of the premiere tonight, you can expect 1883 season 1 episode 2 aired on the Paramount Network? Or is the show strictly on Paramount+ at the moment?

It only makes sense to get into this a bit more now, especially since the whole situation is a bit confusing. The first two episodes are already available on the streaming service Paramount+, while you can only watch episode 1 on the network for now. Episode 2 airs next week (December 26) on Paramount Network and the idea here is to use the network to slowly build momentum for the rest of the show. (For those wondering, starting today, you can also watch the premiere today on Paramount+.)

So for those of you who are curious to 1883 season 1 episode 2, want to know more about it? Go ahead and check out the synopsis below now:

Thomas and Shea recruit James and some local cowboys to round up a herd of cattle. As they begin their journey, the caravan faces some of the many dangers they encounter along the way.

Our hope is clear that the Yellowstone prequel ends up being a huge success, and there’s reason enough for the producers to want it. Per episode, a ton of money has been invested in 1883, in the hopes it could become one of Paramount+’s biggest hits. Although it is clearly connected with Yellowstone itself, it stands on its own two feet and has its own identity. There’s a lot to like about it, especially since there isn’t much else on television that looks or feels quite like it.


Here’s the biggest irony of it all: Yellowstone itself does not stream on Paramount+. Instead, you can find it on Peacock. Why did everyone have to make this so messy?

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What did you think of the 1883 series premiere today?

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