Irn-Bru fans in despair after drink deliveries suffer from HGV driver shortage


Irn-Bru fans in despair after drink deliveries suffer from HGV driver shortage

Thanks to a perfect storm of issues, news of certain everyday items being in temporary short supply is something we are all gradually getting used to.

But it seems that Scots weren’t quite ready for their favourite drink to be among the victims.

AG Barr, maker of IrnBru, has stated today that it is having difficulty making deliveries of the orange drink because of supply chain and HGV issues.

The company says it is continuing to “monitor” the situation “closely” and remain hopeful that the issues can be resolved soon.

But that hasn’t stopped Irb-Bru fans spiraling into a pit of despair over the news, with many using memes to make their feelings about the situation very clear:

Some have joked about the consequences of Scots not being able to get their hands on their beloved beverage – predicting everything ranging from long queues of cars, to a bloody battle. Many joke that the situation will lead to Scottish Independence or even the end the world.

Elsewhere, others were thinking about panic buying Irn-Bru in order to replenish their own supply (which is NOT something we recommend):

In a statement updating the stock market, the company said of the supply issue: “In recent weeks we have seen increased challenges across the UK road haulage fleet, associated in part with the Covid-19 pandemic, impacting customer deliveries and inbound materials.

“In addition, the risks associated with the wider labour pool and the current Covid-19 pandemic response are areas we continue to monitor closely.”

The warnings came as AG Barr revealed sales remained strong despite the Covid pandemic, thanks to a heavy shift to at-home drinking of their products. With economic recovery underway, restrictions are being eased and more people are purchasing drinks from the convenience of their smartphones and in the hospitality business.

Roger White, chief executive, stated: “AG Barr is a growth-focused business operating in resilient and growing market categories, with dynamic brands, great people and a strong financial position.

“Our positive first-half performance reflects these fundamentals as well as the encouraging performance of recent innovation launches in both soft drinks and cocktails.”


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