Inside Willie Garson And Sarah Jessica Parker’s Relationship


Inside Willie Garson And Sarah Jessica Parker's Relationship

While most might know Willie Garson as playing the “endearingly prissy” Stanford Blatch on “Sex and the City,” the best friend of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carried Bradshaw, per Out, fans might not know the Garson himself wasn’t gay. It wasn’t a subject he often discussed because he didn’t want to offend gay people. “People playing gay characters jumping up and down screaming that they’re not gay, like that would somehow be a bad thing if they were,” he told Page Six. “When I was on ‘White Collar’ no one ever asked me if I was a conman, and when I was on ‘NYPD Blue,’ nobody ever asked me if I was a murderer. This is what we do for a living, portray people.”

In fact, not only was Garson heterosexual, he actually first met his “Sex and the City” BFF and co-star Parker on a blind date. “[Parker and I] were set up once,” In an interview with Out, he stated that he was heterosexual. “[We] had a very long flirtation, and then just settled into being best friends, something I think really reads on the show. It’s funny, she’s said in interviews that every single one of her friends is gay ‘except for Willie Garson.'”

Parker can reportedly express gratitude to Garson for her success.


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