Inside Kate Middleton’s Friendship With Sophie Wessex


Inside Kate Middleton's Friendship With Sophie Wessex

Kate Middleton and Sophie Wessex have attended several events together over the years. Back in July, a body language expert told Express that it appears as though the two women have a very “powerful” relationship. “Sophie and Kate communicate in a very engaged and friendly way,” Judi James spoke to the outlet. Looking at a picture of Kate and Sophie together, the expert noted that “Sophie actually leans across to speak to Kate and her eye expressions form a powerful tie-sign that suggests keen engagement and a very close relationship.”

In an interview with The Sun in September, James shared some additional information on the bond that Kate and Sophie share. She noted that the two seem to have a lot of fun when they are together, and even suggested that they have often shared quite a few laughs, even perhaps saying some “naughty” things from time to time. Interestingly, both women have also gotten closer to Queen Elizabeth this year as well, according to another report from The Sun. Both women are believed to have stepped up in helping fill the gap left by Prince Philip. 


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