Inside Dylan Dreyer’s Pregnancy Complications With Her Third Child


Inside Dylan Dreyer's Pregnancy Complications With Her Third Child

Dylan Dreyer revealed on September 27 that her water prematurely ruptured six weeks early. The forecaster took to Instagram to deliver the startling news, explaining why viewers shouldn’t expect to see her on air for quite some time. “My water broke Sunday evening and I’ve been hanging at the hospital,” Dreyer said, announcing, “Our little guy is anxious to get out and meet us!” 

Dreyer was adamant, however, that “all was well” with both her and baby. “Doctors are closely monitoring both of us and trying to keep him on the inside for a little while longer to get stronger,” She elaborated. She ended her post by offering some consolation for her many well wishesers. “I’m in great hands and I have the best person to keep me calm and comfortable. Looks like we’ll be getting to meet our littlest boy sometime this week…6 weeks early!” This is what she wrote.

As you may recall, Dreyer also tragically suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with their son Oliver. Later, Dreyer told People that she credited her good fortune to her being so open and forthcoming about her struggles. “By putting my story out there, I feel like the thousands of prayers and good wishes we received really made a difference,” Dreyer explained.


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