Inside Bling Empire Stars Christine And Gabriel Chiu’s Marriage


Inside Bling Empire Stars Christine And Gabriel Chiu's Marriage

While promoting “Bling Empire,” Christine Chiu told Us Weekly that she’s not the person she was portrayed on the show. “I think the show really just showed one aspect of who I am. I think it really highlighted one slice of my personality, one slice of my life,” She said.

The reality star also opened up about whether “Bling Empire” has negatively affected her marriage to husband Gabriel Chiu, revealing that despite the fact that some personal details about their lives were made public, their truth made them stronger as a couple. They bonded over their infertility struggles, sharing them with the world to help others who are struggling to have babies.

She explained, “Developing the show, filming it, sitting on it and then watching it blow up the way it did and to have the vast amount of positive feedback. To get emails and DMs [from] moms who are appreciative of us sharing our struggles [with fertility] or moms who are still going through it. Maybe watching the show not only gave them a little chuckle, but also hope that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.”

“That’s very gratifying,” Christine added. “I think being able to share our struggles and triumphs together has made us stronger as a couple.”


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