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‘Incredibly unlucky’ girl, 16, died suddenly while drinking with pals on family holiday

An “incredibly unlucky” teenage girl collapsed and died suddenly on a camping holiday with her family.

Apryl Scorer (16) was on holiday in France with her family at a campsite they had been to every summer since years. She died last April.

Although her friend believed she was just “tipsy”, no one could revive her an hour later and she tragically died, the Mirror reports.

Apryl, who hails from Buckinghamshire died due to an undiagnosed cardiac condition.

The coroner advised her family to have genetic testing done in the event that the condition is genetic.

Apryl was seen at the pool with her grandmother, having enjoyed a barbecue and then going to the bar for a few drinks. They also watched a football match.

Apryl's friends believed she was just "tipsy" before her tragic death
Apryl’s friends believed she was just “tipsy” before her tragic death

The teenager, from the UK, had made a group of friends at the campsite after holidaying there for years and had strolled to the beach with them before heading to the bar where she became “visibly unwell.”

Assistant coroner Nicholas Graham told Buckinghamshire coroner’s court: “Her friend left the bar with her as she had increasing difficulties speaking and became unable to walk.

“She sat down 30 metres from the campsite and vomited. Apryl was unconscious and placed in the recovery area.

“A patrol car saw the two girls by the roadside and at 2.56am the French fire brigade took over her care.

“Despite her intervention, she was not able to be revived.

The inquest was held at Buckinghamshire coroner's court
The inquest was held at Buckinghamshire coroner’s court

Although Apryl had been described as being “tipsy”, a toxicological report on her body found she had a low alcohol level at the time of her death.

Mr Graham added; “In the toxicology there was nothing to suggest the blood alcohol level was high at all, yet the evidence from investigators suggested she was exhibiting behaviour which may have been because she was drinking.

“Equally it could have been the effects of her heart condition. I don’t believe alcohol played any role in her death. It was just extremely unfortunate that these circumstances occurred that evening.

“That is not to say that it could not have happened at any time.”

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The coroner recommended that Apryl’s family undergo a genetic test. Thirteen of Apryl’s family members were present at the inquest.

A post-mortem examination found the teen had a potentially “lethal” pre-existing heart condition.

In an emotional statement, Apryl’s mother, Nikki, said: “She was pretty and had lots of friends.

“She excelled in drama, music and sport and she was not bad academically, but that was superficial.

“She was so much more than that, she was kind, she was always singing and never stopped talking, even imitating her dad’s dodgy accent. Apryl rarely had a bad word to say about anyone.”

A GoFundMe page set up after Apryl’s death raised almost £10,000 to pay for funeral costs.

'Incredibly unlucky' girl, 16, died suddenly while drinking with pals on family holiday
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