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If Peace Is Restored, The Full State Status Of Jammu And Kashmir Will Be Restored. – Amit Shah

The first session of the proceeding of the Parliament this morning witnessed the brave decision from the Narendra Modi led government of demolishing the Article 370.

Article 370 of the Constitution of India, which provided Jammu Kashmir the status of a special state coupled with a lot of different powers which made it standalone from the other states. All the provisions of Article 370 are removed.

Jammu and Kashmir be no more having the status of a complete state, it is now a Union Territory along with the declaration of Ladhak as a Union Territory as well.

How long will Jammu And Kashmir remain as a Union Territory?

There was utter confusion regarding the fact that whether the Union territory status of Jammu And Kashmir will remain forever or it’s just a matter of time. Some political parties took this step of the government cross-handed, and openly criticized it. Jammu And Kashmir based local parties were the notable ones. This mandated the need for the government to give a clarification about its intentions related to the status of the state.

In came Amit Shah with clarification

Amit Shah quoted during his speech in the lower house of Rajya Sabha that the government doesn’t have any intentions to retain the Union territory status of Jammu And Kashmir forever. It is just a precautionary step keeping in mind the political instability of the region.

Amit Shah ensured that as soon as things get back on track and peace is restored to its fullest in the region, the full state status of Jammu And Kashmir will be restored.

However, he added that it will take time, and it’s very hard to predict as of now that how long it will take to neutralize the anti-national activities going on in the region.

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