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That is the first time that the new Showtime jokes set on the TV show “I Love That for You,” are in short supply. But everything Bayer’s character encounters in the workplace seems more real than it really is; the show has no grain and texture in real-life office or visual media.

Bayer plays Joanna Gold, who moves from Costco fraud samples to a man on the air after a single lucky test. Joanna, who had cancer in her childhood, lived a life of luxury when her abnormalities grew out of friends. He felt a special bond with the home-buying star (Molly Shannon), the idol on which he built his ambitions.

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I Love That for You

Joanna is a creative designer, someone who believes in her innate abilities but is willing to cheat when that value can be seen. All the others Joanna’s co-workers are bullies, illegal, and several actors who make unusual choices to play their roles in some way, allowing the scenes to collapse during the Bayer vamp.

And while the splendor and closeness of home shopping bring to a special kind of American story Cinderella (such as in the healing of the network as a dream industry in the 2015 film “Joy”), the show failed to convince me that Joanna. he can never be hired, let alone have no contact or experience.

The humiliation he experiences often comes from his peers who openly say that he is doing a bad job, or humiliate him in obvious ways. It’s like every conversation has a nuance taken from it, it’s better to watch Bayer suffer; portable jokes are added briefly where the box where Bayer sits is simply folded at the end of the meeting.

To be successful, we must first believe in Joanna’s story and then focus on her. Nothing about this show sounds realistic in its terms, because it is not clear what those names are. And the interesting thing here is that some talented people will turn up the show around – find in it a story beyond a collection of minor insults – or continue to find work that matches their skills.

I Love That for You Season 1 will release on 29th April on Showtime.


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