Hyderabad to become Global City: Government Holds hands with AECOM

Hong Kong-based famous consultancy named AECOM has given green light to the Telangana Government in helping to develop Hyderabad as a Global City. The company will provide sophisticated and specialized designs for city development. They are expected to provide solutions for increasing problems such as traffic congestions, improving the condition of Lakes polluted by the urban culture, improving parks, in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corp.(GHMC)

It is upsetting to reveal that many real estate agents and other greedy minds have engulfed a considerable portion of the lakes in the city. This is the main reason now Chennai another big city is suffering from the unavailability of Drinking Water. Actions the government takes are expected to tackle this problem.

The AECOM deputation with president San CS Chiao as the leader met Cheif Secretary SK Joshi. The discussion included Aravind Kumar, MAUD(Municipal Administration and Urban Development) Secretary which concluder with the agreement of Chiao to help Government in designing the further development of the city.

Hyderabad to become Global City: Government Holds hands with AECOM

The proposals by AECOM will mainly on areas like traffic management, employment generation, beautification of lakes, civil infrastructure, architectural designs and transportation system. The company official praised that the city has every potential to grow faster to become a global city like any other city in the world. The Chief Secretary beseeched the company to suggest reforms to bring an overall makeover to put the city in a noticeable place in the world tourism map. And at the same time one of the best destinations for investors.

The officials agreed to prepare the designs by 6 months time. The officials are waiting for a fruitful response from the company in a time-bound manner to make further master plans with the company. According to Chiao, the delegation has visited many places in greater Hyderabad which heightened the confidence of them for high-level development. The name AECOM stands for Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance.

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