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Husband compliments his wife’s pretty ‘dress design’ before putting his foot in it

Being in a relationship for a while might mean your partner does not compliment you as much anymore.

When we get compliments on our outfits, it can boost our confidence.

But that’s until they point out something that we prefer to have remained a thought in our heads.

One husband attempted to compliment his wife for her patterned dress, but he put his foot in the fire.

The dress’s decoration was not intended to be there, he quickly discovered.

A woman is seen in the online photo with her back to camera, wearing a simple black dress with an abbreviated white line running diagonally across.

woman in black dress turned from camera
The pretty design on the Mums dress…

On first look, the line seems to be nothing but a design feature.

But, Facebook users and the Dad are still puzzled by the true origins.

The man captioned the post in which he revealed: “I complimented my wife on the design on the back of her dress not realising it was our son’s vomit.”

Hilariously, the mum had been walking around none the wiser with the child’s spew across her back.

Other parents were quick to comment on the post and shared similar stories.

One person commented: “Been there.”

Another user, presumably an expectant mum, asked: “Is this going to be our lives?”

A third person joked: “Guess it was a sick design…”

And someone else noted: “Thought it was a strap on her bag.”

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Husband compliments his wife’s pretty ‘dress design’ before putting his foot in it
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