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Hungry lynx kittens growing up

Hungry lynx kittens growing up

Keepers have their hands full as their two youngest lynxes are getting bigger, and hungrier.

The kittens are now four months old and growing fast – weighing around 5kg each and roughly the size of a large house cat.

They will not be as big as their parents Loka, Zone, and their two full-grown siblings Lox and Kinsey for a while.

The four-month-old Lynx kittens live at the Bear Wood exhibit at the Wild Place Project, near Bristol (Ben Birchall/PA)(PA Wire)

But the pair waste no time in making sure their keepers at the Wild Place Project, near Bristol know when they are hungry.

The twins receive milk daily from their mother. They also get meat from keepers each day.

While they won’t be fully grown until then, the kittens have begun to become more independent and will often leave mum for short periods of exploration in their woodland home.

A public poll is to be held to name the lynx kittens (Ben Birchall/PA)(PA Wire)

Keepers believe they are both male and a public poll is to be held to name them, with the choices of Bramble, Briar, Holt, Copse, Maple or Rowan.

Will Walker is the animal manager. “The twins are doing incredibly well and are growing stronger by the week.

“Their mother, Loka, has done a fantastic job of caring for them. They are both bright-eyed and healthy and we are looking forward to inviting people to help us name them.”

Hungry lynx kittens growing up
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